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Welcome to HP source
The Comprehensive Database of Health Promotion Policies,
Infrastructures and Practices.

HP Source is a voluntary, international collaboration of researchers, practitioners and policy makers, having the common goal to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of health promotion policy, infrastructures and practices by:

  • Developing a uniform system for collecting information on health promotion policies, infrastructures and practices;
  • Creating databases and an access strategy so that information can be accessed at inter-country, country and intra-country levels, by policy makers, international public health organisations and researchers;
  • Analysing the databases to support the generation of models for optimum effectiveness and efficiency of health promotion policy, infrastructure and practice;
  • Actively imparting this information and knowledge, and actively advocating the adoption of models of proven effectiveness and efficiency, by means of publications, seminars, conferences and briefings, among other means.

For further information please email us via the Contact Page.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
University of Bergen
Health Development Agency
International Union for Health Promotion & Education
European Union