"The Health Promotion Discovery Tool"

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Project Partners

Spencer Hagard (Chair), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK  
Maurice Mittelmark (Vice-Chair and Coordinating Centre Director Director), University of Bergen, Norway  
Elisabeth Fosse (Research Coordinator), University of Bergen, Norway  
Maggie Davies, Health Development Agency, England  
Catherine Jones, International Union for Health Promotion and Education, France  
Jackie Robinson, Independent Consultant  
Chris Brown, World Health Organisation, European Region (WHO-EURO), Venice Office, Italy  
Bosse Petterssen - National Institute for Public Health, Sweden  
John Kenneth Davies, University of Brighton, UK  
Eva Janè-Llopis, University of Nimejen, The Netherlands
Peter Anderson, Independent Consultant  
Phil Ahern - Caint.com HP-Source.net Account Manager, UK